Owl Slider

Slider with big muscles

Path to the script:

css/owl.carousel.css css/owl.theme.css js/owl.carousel.min.js

You can make slider with almost every HTML element available. Here's one example. Code below.

<div data-role="none" id="slider" class="owl-carousel nightly-inline-slider">

    <div data-role="none" class="item nightly-text-box align-center">
        <h3 class="nightly-text-box-title">Text Box in Carousel</h3>
        <p>Nunc et urna ullamcorper tortor eleifend pretium sit amet vel dui. Integer blandit ipsum in iaculis. Nam ultricies lectus.</p> 
    <div class="item">
      <button data-role="none" class="nightly-circle"><i class='fa fa-align-center'></i></button>
      <h3>Swipe me</h3>
      <p>This slider works fine with any type of content.</p>
    <div class='item nightly-alert nightly-alert-warning'>
    	<i class='fa fa-2x fa-warning fa-fw'></i>
    	<p>You can put here almost everything even warnings.</p>

Slide Gallery

You can easily create galleries with Owl Slider. Code below.

<div data-role="none" id="gallery" class="owl-carousel nightly-inline-gallery">
    <img class="item" src="assets/image.jpg" alt="Image" />
    <img class="item" src="assets/image.jpg" alt="Image" />
    <img class="item" src="assets/image.jpg" alt="Image" />                                  

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