Device Detection

Device Detection Script

Path to the script:

Is lightweight jQuery script which can detect which device are you using. You can work whit it as a library and it's free to use (fellow authors included).

What can it do

Can detect Android, BlackBerry, iOS and last but not least Microsoft's IE. Furthermore it can tell you which Apple device are you using (iPhone, iPad or iPod).

Device detection demo

Window pixel ratio

Window current width:

Window current height:

Device screen width:

Device screen height:

Is Retina?


Functions and return values:

deviceDetect.Android(); // returns true if Android
deviceDetect.BlackBerry(); // returns true if BlackBerry
deviceDetect.iOS(); // returns true if iOS device
deviceDetect.any(); // returns true if mobile device
isRetina(); // returns true if Retina
$(window).width(); // returns window width
$(window).height(); // returns window height
window.screen.width; // returns actual screen width
window.screen.height; // returns actual screen height

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